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Welcome to the ERP help blog.  My commitment to followers is to not waste your time with over-promising solutions that don’t deliver value.  No, the intent is to share solution concepts or insights that can be used to achieve results within the context of a well-run business.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.  Synonyms include:  business management systems, accounting software, customer relationship management, and material requirements planning.  So ERP is only a tool or platform in which to operate, organize, control and manage.  Analogous to a hammer, which can be used to build a house but also break a window or smack your thumb in the process.  It will be the same here.  ERP has come along way – but it still a dangerous thing involving great risk and reward potential.

A wise man once said, “If I gave you the best system in the world, how would it change the way you do business?”  Many of us have seen systems comprised of manual processes that have out-shined some of the most modern systems.  Why?  Because of the diligence and focus that was put into the details – to both eliminate unnecessary steps and in some cases, unnecessary software tools.

The posts you see here may be highly analytical at times but I will try not to get lost in the weeds – which can happen with the high level of sophistication in some of these tools.  The material will focus on accounting, operational, and software tools relate-able to small and mid-sized businesses who sell and/ or make Products and Services.

About me – the reason I can relate to you is because my career consists of a variety of client service mostly in ERP implementations or related improvement projects.  Having been a part of failed implementations, my nerves have been trained to sense when something is off.  Having the time and space and privilege working with consultants who valued reflection on what didn’t work, when things went wrong, and how it could have gone differently develops the senses in this regard.

It is an amazing thing when one who has had their senses trained this way encounters others who are also trained in the same craft.  An immediate feeling of relief, humor and good old fashioned fellowship boils up.  Therefore, do not be surprised to see guest-bloggers who I have invited to share in the experience.

I hope you enjoy and please share what you read here!  Finally, I love feedback and comments.  Don’t be shy!

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