Systems Design

What is Systems Design?

Systems design in the realm of business software is the analysis, planning and strategic design of the software so that it aligns with every area of your business including financials, inventory, commerce, CRM, manufacturing and field services.  Each of our clients has their own way of doing things so it is important that we understand those important nuances before we configure or customize the software. 

Whether proactively targeting strategic growth or reactively responding to crucial needs, we specialize in analyzing your current business landscape and designing the software systems that not only fit your unique and specific needs, but also account for future goals and revenue growth for years to come.

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The Rapid Shift to the Cloud

In the 2014 report “The Pros and Cons of SaaS ERP”, Mint Jutras wrote about the decline in the willingness of companies to consider traditional on-premises deployments. That decline began in 2011, and between 2011 and 2013 that percentage “literally dropped off a cliff”. 


In order to create proactive change and strategic growth, all businesses need to perform regular, thorough assessments. Depending on what you need, we provide an array of assessments ranging from a free high-level needs assessment to a 30-60-90-day action plan to a deep dive gap analysis.
If you haven’t worked with us before, start off with a free needs assessment as an opportunity to get acquainted with us and see if you want to work with us more.  Although this assessment only scratches the surface, it can offer a clue as to how impactful a system design or re-design project might be for your business.