When do you recommend looking at a cloud-based ERP?


It should be noted that not all Cloud based systems are the same.  What they all have in common are subscription pricing (software as a service).  This does not always equate to fast browser enabled software.  Even Microsoft is still in the process of migrating applications to the cloud so that they can be 100% accessible through a web browser.  Also, some companies use Cloud loosely to mean that you can access some portion of the software from a web browser.   While others imply that it is multi-tenant or a shared environment – which makes upgrades instantaneous.  While this has a lot of advantages, it is also possible to be in a single tenant cloud-based system so that your system and data are unique to you.  Cloud-based systems can offer lots of versatility and speed up the implementation cycle.  Hungry for more information?  Check out our blog for more information or schedule a call on our Contact Us page.

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